Guide to Advancement

Check out the current edition of the Guide to Advancement, the official source for administering advancement in all Boy Scouts of America programs: Cub Scouting, Scouts BSA, Venturing, and Sea Scouts.


Scoutbook delivers a suite of easy-to-use web-based tools that are helpful to Scouts, parents and unit leaders and enables units to better communicate, update records, track advancement and manage activities. Scoutbook subscriptions are free for all units. Scoutbook replaces internet advancement.

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Frequently asked Scoutbook Questions

1. Who can register as a Scoutbook user?

Although any adult leader or Scout can register, Scoutbook is designed specifically for registered unit leaders, registered Scouts, and parents or guardians of registered Scouts.

2. Is training available?

Yes. Training resources are available once you are logged in at, and additional training is in development. Training classes are also offered twice a year at University of Scouting.

3. Who can see my information?

Scoutbook is a secure platform that provides a safe way for parents, Scouts, and leaders to record, track, and manage their Scouting experience. Personally identifiable information will be kept secure. Unit leaders can see Scout advancement information as well as training data on other unit volunteers.

4. Can I port my third-party unit-management vendor data to Scoutbook?

There will be no need to port data from other third-party vendors because Scoutbook will link to all unit membership data.

5. Can I still use other third-party unit-management vendors?

Although Scoutbook is available to all units, units may continue to choose other third-party applications. However, Scoutbook will be the only unit-management system fully integrated with the BSA database. It is possible to upload your advancement files directly from some third party software programs (Troop/Pack Master, Scout Soft and Scout Mate); contact the vendor for more information. If your unit is not using Scoutbook, learn more about the differences.

6. How do Scoutbook and Commissioner Tools fit into My.Scouting and Commissioner Tools?

Scoutbook is a unit-management web application that will become the one-stop shop for Scouts, parents, and unit leaders to record and manage their Scouting experience. This tool will provide unit members a way to track advancements, unit activities, and unit communications.

Commissioner Tools is a module within My.Scouting Tools, which allows volunteers and employees to evaluate unit health and identify units in need of assistance. Commissioners will continue to use Commissioner Tools to monitor the health of their units, but should expect the data to become more robust as more Scouts and unit leaders engage with Scoutbook.


More information about Scoutbook is available using or on the forums. Follow on Facebook to keep up with their latest updates and monthly blog posts. Visit the Scoutbook forum and FAQs for technical questions and for more information.