About Popcorn
Building a strong, adventurous program is a great way to keep your Scouts active and interested in the Scouting program. Popcorn sales help fund those adventures. The Three Rivers Council’s premier money-earning project is the annual popcorn sale.

  • No up-front cost or risk to the Units

  • Scouts learn salesmanship and build confidence

  • 73% of all sales stay right here in our local area

Many Units have raised sizable amounts of money from popcorn sales; providing for a secure and stable source of income to cover the cost of camping, badges/advancement, special events, Scout nights, and other outdoor adventures.

Fundraisers, such as the Popcorn Sale, not only support our Units, but also provide support for Scouting Council-wide to help us serve members and volunteer leaders with top notch programs, training opportunities, and camping facilities.

• Increase your unit and council income – stays in the local area.
• Meet annual fundraising goals faster than ever before
• Scouts pay for their way for various programs (e.g., summer camp, dues uniforms).
• Scouts learn life lessons by earning their own way.
 Loads of incentives motivate Scouts to sell.
• Videos and resources help Scouts learn how to be successful.

For any questions contact Jeanna Gonzales at jeanna.gonzales@scouting.org.