Cub Scouts (Packs): Kindergarten-5th grade or 5-10 years old, boys & girls

What is Cub Scouts?

Cub Scouts is for boys and girls, kindergarten through fifth grade. Each Cub Scout is a member of a Den. Dens are a group of 6-10 kids around the same age. These groups are all girl or all boy Dens that meet on a regular basis. Dens go on fun trips, play games, do service projects and learn new skills. Dens come together to make up each Pack.

Video For Parents

Video for Kids

There’s a home for everyone in Scouting.  If you need help finding a Cub Scout program in your area, call us at 409-842-5240

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Sally Curtis Elementary School

Fletcher Elementary School

Regina Howell Elementary School

Dishman Elementary School

Charlton Pollard Elementary School

Amelia Elementary School

Caldwood Elementary School

Roy Guess Elementary School

Homer Drive Elementary School

Martin Elementary School

Pietzsch Elementary School

Blanchette Elementary School

Fehl-Price Elementary School

Northside Elementary School

Eastside Elementary School

Southside Elementary School

Austin Elementary School

Richter Elementary School

Kimmie Brown Elementary School

In-Person Signup Date, Time, and Location: TBA

In-Person Signup Date, Time, and Location: TBA

Click Here To Signup Online

All Saints Episcopal School

Beaumont Classical Academy

Legacy Christian Academy

Early College High School

Ehrhart School

Faith Schooling

Harmony Science Academy – Beaumont

St. Anthony’s Catholic School

  • In-Person Signup: TBA

St. Anne’s Catholic School

  • In-Person Signup: Monday, September 28th at 6:00pm at Gilbert Park (Next to St. Anne’s Parking Lot)

St. Mary’s Catholic School – Orange

  • In-Person Signup: TBA

Vanguard Classical Academy

Veritas Classical Academy

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