What is Public Relations in the Boy Scouts of America?

  • Promoting goodwill in the community.
  • Reinforcing the image of the Boy Scouts of America as a positive force in the development of happy and healthy young people.
  • Promoting our comprehensive youth development programs.
  • Responding consistently to negative publicity.
  • Communicating internally among volunteers, families, and chartered organizations.
  • Promoting special events, camporees, pinewood derbies, courts of honor, and community service projects. They are all public relations events.

Every unit, family & individual shares in the responsibility of promoting scouting.

People in the community are eager to hear positive stories. They want to see their neighbor who has earned his Eagle Scout Award. They want to see a photograph of Troop 272 collecting food for the local food bank. They want to see Cub Scouts excited as they race their pinewood cars at the local mall. Do your part to make Scouting standout in your community!

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