We know how hard you work to achieve financial security. Are you working just as hard to insure proper distribution of your accumulated wealth?

We would like to work with you to insure that you have the appropriate plan for your estate. Otherwise, you could lose as much as 38 to 70 percent of your estate’s value to taxes, probate and other expenses leaving only a small portion to those you cherish. Proper education and planning will avoid such a disaster. Reducing estate taxes is important, but estate planning is more than just looking for ways to reduce the tax burden. When it’s done right, estate planning is about exercising control over what happens to your wealth. The truth is: someone is going to get your money.

If you’re not prepared, that “someone” will be the government. On the other hand, if you take the appropriate steps, you can decide who benefits. In other words, estate planning can help your hard-won wealth continue to do good things for the people and organizations you care about. .

Our Scout Office can help you with a variety of estate-planning solutions. We can help you develop a detailed plan to meet your specific goals and intentions. You really need a customized plan now to protect
your assets today and as they grow, for tomorrow. Let’s get started on your estate plan today. The time you invest in planning now can ensure that your estate will be worth more for those you love. For additional information, or for an appointment, contact Les Bentley at (409) 842-5240 ext. 17 or by email.