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About HybridLights
Building a strong, adventurous program is a great way to keep your Scouts active and interested in the Scouting program. HybridLight sales help fund those adventures.

  • Scouts learn salesmanship and build confidence

  • 30% of all sales are earned by your Unit

Many Units have raised sizable amounts of money from HybridLight sales; providing for a secure and stable source of income to cover the cost of camping, badges/advancement, special events, Scout nights, and other outdoor adventures.

Fundraisers, such as the HybridLight Sale, not only support our Units, but also provide support for Scouting Council-wide to help us serve members and volunteer leaders with top-notch programs, training opportunities, and camping facilities.

Show-N-Sell is due on March 2, 2022!

All money for both Show-n-sell and Take Orders are due on May 13, 2022!

All Unit Take Orders are due on May 13, 2022!

All Money for Show-n-sell and Take Orders are due to the Three Rivers Council Office on May 13, 2022!

Take Orders are compiled by the units and submitted as a Unit.  This means that each Scout who sells needs to turn in their Orders to their Unit so that the Unit can place the Order needed for their entire Unit.


For any questions contact Jeanna Gonzales at jeanna.gonzales@scouting.org.


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