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Recharter Timeline

Recharters are DUE APRIL 30, 2020.
Recharters are LATE in MAY!

Please allow at least a 2-week processing time on all recharters. After the 2-week processing time you will be able to print a roster for summer camp.


  • Collect Money from each Scout and leader
    • Why wait to collect money! If you start now you will be able to turn in recharters sooner.
  • Make sure all adult leaders are YPT trained
    • Stay ahead of the game. Make sure everyone’s YPT is up to date!


  • Recharters Available!
  • Access Code Distributed!
  • Update Leader Information
  • You may turn in your recharter anytime between March and April!


  • Recharters Due!
    • Get your recharters in. You don’t want to be late!


  • Recharters are Late!

Recharters Fees

  • Cost Per Youth and Adult——$34
  • Boys Life Magazine—————$12

If you have any questions, please contact your District Executive.

Download the Charter Timeline flyer >

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