The Campaign Overview

Each year we invite the families of our current Scouts, as well as many of our alumni, to contribute toward the actual cost of providing the services, personnel, events and facilities needed to support the Packs, Troops, Teams, Crews and Posts that we serve.

The District Family FOS Chairs and their helpers have been and will be contacting each unit to arrange for a short presentation to your families. Some units believe strongly in the need for this campaign and conduct a very successful effort without district help but many appreciate someone from the district making the appeal.

So How Does the Annual Friends of Scouting Campaign Work?

1. The unit (Pack, Troop, Crew, or Post) committee selects an individual to serve as the Unit FOS Chair.

2. The Unit FOS Chair attends the district’s FOS Kickoff to get a clear idea of how the campaign works and to pick up the materials that will be needed. Campaign details will be covered in the District Family FOS Orientation often held at the January Roundtable.

3. The Unit Committee is encouraged to set a unit FOS goal. The District Finance Team is often very helpful in educating the committee on the purpose and mechanics of the campaign.

4. The Unit Committee schedules a Friends of Scouting presentation with your District Family FOS Team.

5. Prior to the presentation, give a letter to each of families in the unit announcing the FOS date and explaining the need and inviting them to donate.

6. The unit leader should introduce the presenter by handing in their own completed FOS pledge card. The presenter may tell his/her own Scouting story and the need for support.

7. The Unit is then recognized for their FOS donation with a FOS ribbon and custom 2018 FOS patches for those who qualify.