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APRIL 27-29

Camporee Events

Fire Building
String Burning Race

  • Materials: for each patrol, two 2-foot sticks, two 3-foot lengths of binder twine
  • Method: Each patrol gathers native tinder and firewood. On signal, two representatives selected by each patrol build a fire lay (not higher than the lower string) and light it. After being lit, the fire must not be touched, nor can more wood be added.
  • Scoring: The time it takes a team’s fire to burn through the top string is the time awarded. Fastest time will receive 100 points, second fastest time will receive 75 points, and third fastest time will receive 50 points. Fourth fastest time will receive 25 points and all remaining times through last will be in 5 point increments to 0 points

Knot Tying

Knot Tying – Scouts will need to be able to tie a square knot, two half hitches, taut-line hitch, clove hitch, and bowline. Each Scout must attempt to tie the knot. If two scouts in the patrol get it correct, they move to the next knot. If 100% of the Patrol ties each knot, a bonus of 10 points per Patrol member will be added to the Patrols score.

  • Scoring: Each knot will count for 20 points


Chariot Race Scoring Guidelines

This race is based on the ancient chariot races of the Roman coliseums.

Material to be provided by Station Master:

Procedure: The equipment is placed in piles at a distance from the Contuberniums. On signal, the Contuberniums run up and lash a chariot (see diagram on next page). When the frame is finished, all Contubernium members pull the chariot and rider down the field around an oval track to the finish line.

Scoring: The first Contubernium to cross the finish line with their chariot intact will be victorious. Points will be awarded for a Contuberniums overall place in this competition. Gladiators beware! Many chariot drivers were thrown from their chariots and injured by their competitor’s horses! Riders must wear a bike helmet.

20 points will be awarded for participation. Two bonus points will be awarded at the end of the race for each correctly tied lashing that is still tight.

Additional points are awarded at the end of the day for speed in completing the course:


Pan Cake Flipping

Pancake Flipping Derby – Patrol is required to make a pancake. Once both sides are cooked, the scouts will have to run a relay while flipping a pancake. The pancake must be flipped at certain intervals throughout the course. If it falls to the ground, it must be picked up before they can continue. Once across the finish line the patrol must eat the pancake.


  • Registration Closes April 20, 2018
  • Price: $15 Per youth participant (patch included)
  • No cancellation or transfers will be allowed 7 days prior to the event.
  • Each Unit will be responsible for providing and cooking their own food for the weekend.

Download flyer, registration form and campsite inspection form >